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Interim managers are often deployed in Germany to deal with crisis management situations, to fill-in when managers are ill or away, to bridge the gap during a transition period and to help restructure part of a company. Interim managers are often perceived by a company’s directors as a kind of “fire brigade” that can be deployed to take care of dirty jobs such as restructuring and closing a certain department or branch.

More recently interim managers are used more and more within the scope of projects where a company’s own resources have reached their limit. This also applies when specialist skills are needed for a limited period but not over the long-terms. Such areas include Basel II, CMMI or the introduction of ERP-systems.

There are also other instances where interim managers represent the best possible option and support for a company’s top management. These instances include periods of development and growth as well as problems and challenges for which specialist knowledge is required for more than just a couple of days.

Interim managers can also offer incredibly valuable support during periods of transition (generational changes) and during the purchase or sale of part or all of the business.

Because of the increasing complexity and rate of change, the demands on an interim manager in terms of flexibility are extremely high. They are often deployed for a transitional period until the right staff can be found to fill the role permanently. For international businesses interim managers are often deployed in the role of director, general manager or as authorized representative.

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