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Implementing market-entry strategy




BASCH Consult provides a comprehensive service whose focus is to help you in all aspects of setting up in Germany. Of course, we cannot know everything about each individual aspect of the process. When we don't know the answer ourselves we find it out, find a specialist or find a solution. Effectively we want to be the only specialist you need to work with. We will take care of everything for you and act as your “one-stop shop”.

For the past six years we have been helping international businesses to setup, to establish themselves and to enter the German market. We know exactly where to look for the right information, facts and help.

Implementing Your German Market Entry Strategy

There are a number of things to consider when entering the German market.

Marketing Strategy

We can help you develop and execute a strategy for entering the German marketplace. This can involve amongst other things brand positioning and developing a brand story.

We will want to review what is already in place and what is still needed. This can include things such as logo design, trademark, setting up the company, production, branding, positioning, brand story, developing a strategy for market entry, sales, distribution, marketing and execution.

We will also want to consider what we refer to as the initialization process. This encompasses the meaning of branding, how branding works, taking a look at both the German and European markets in respect to specific categories (overview, facts & figures, positioning of leading brands). We will also want to dig into competitors, perhaps conduct and assess interviews and discuss with you your brand strategy and other measurements.

There might also be an "engineering" aspect to your market entry strategy. This can involve positioning, which means the preparation, research, consultation, holding and documenting workshops and defining the brand engine.

Furthermore there is also the development of a roadmap for the deliverables. This will include brand positioning, customer statements (print and video file), a branding book, which will serve as the basis for briefing agencies, as well as a visual, verbal and sensory identity, brand architecture and marketing plan.


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