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If you’re planning to acquire a company in Germany it is essential to deploy the very highest level of professionalism right from the outset. One of the main difficulties lies in the fact that there is no established market price for acquisitions. Each and every company has to be evaluated in its own individual right. Below you will find a list of the most important services that we offer in regard to mergers and acquisitions.

Acquisition step one: project preparation

In order to make an assessment about whether a purchase makes sense or not in the German business market, an intermediary will have to make himself familiar with all aspects of the prospective company including future development. The objective will be to arrive at an overall evaluation that provides information as to whether an acquisition is both doable and economically viable. When this is complete the price question will be assessed. This first part is essential and should not be ignored because by doing so, which happens a lot, can be disadvantageous. We cannot emphasise enough that an acquisition is far more than just a numbers game. Just as important is the psychological aspect of the acquisition.

Acquisition step two: creating an exposé

The results from step one are put together in an expose. This will contain all of the information that potential investors will want to see.

Acquisition step three: contact, NDA and due diligence .

To establish contact with the owners of the target company, which may very well involve contacting the senior management. The signing of a non-disclosure agreement (NDA). Due diligence with the aim of identifying all of the aspects that might affect the value of the company, but also risks such as hidden liabilities, latent tax burdens etc.

Acquisition step four: negotiations and completion

This step involves structuring the transaction in a way that reflects the results of the due diligence test. If you want, we are happy to accompany you in the acquisition negotiations right through to completion. If an acquisition agreement is reached, we are also ready to help you with structuring the contract if you so wish. Any mediator will have to possess a great deal of tact and skill to navigate a project through rough waters and bring it successfully to the notary for signing.

Are you interested in an acquisition and would like to find out more? Please don’t hesitate to contact us directly on the phone. We look forward to hearing from you!


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